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Global Water Risk Tool 2030
– a probabilistic analysis of water demand versus supply 【English Only】

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10:30-11:30, January 29(Fri.), 2016

Place InterAqua Seminar Stage, East Hall 1
Organized by

Resourcematics Limited, London / Global Information, Inc.

Supported by Global Water Intelligence
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Global Water Risk Tool 2030
– a probabilistic analysis of water demand versus supply


Mr. Ankit Patel
Director of Resourcematics Limited, London

【 Abstract 】

Global Water Risk 2030 is a simple map tool that offers probability of water demand exceeding water supply at any location to a smallest region of 5 arc-minute (approximately 9X9 kilometre at the equator) area. The tool gets information from a complex GIS based Resourcematics Water Model that calculates historical water demand in agriculture, domestic and industrial sectors over water supply at each pixel. The probability is calculated using Monte Carlo simulation over time.

Come to the session, if you are interested in knowing how water demand in each industrial, agriculture and domestic sector is shaping water risks and offer business opportunities.

【About Ankit Patel】

Ankit has been active in water sector for around 15 years encompassing hydrology, engineering, science, management, finance and economics of water. 

He has worked with a range of clientele from policy think-tanks such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Geneva), International Water Management Institute (IWMI, Sri Lanka and India), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED, UK) and Meta Meta (Netherlands).

He has also closely worked with multi-national companies on sustainable business policies and has consulted multilateral agencies such as the World Bank.



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