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Related Exhibit Stands

Booth No. Exhibitor's name Exhibited products / services
1H-23 ASSOCIATES Water Problem Solving In Your Overseas Factories.etc!Our overseas offices send experienced engineers to your place at an affordable price.
1B-13 Astec irie Production of flocculants applying unusual iron chloride recycling, and urban mine recycling.
1C-20 Hach Ultra KK Hach Ultra has experienced the water quality brand instruments, TOC for Wastewater and PW and DO in various market for more than 60 years.
1N-19 IGADEN Water treatment system by electrolysis technology Cooling tower water treatment system,Wastewater treatment system
1P-25 Japan Environmental
Science Laboratory
Eco-friendly wastewater treatment system utilizing oil-splitting bacterium.
1D-19 Kankyo Technos With advanced technology and abundant experience, we propose the pure water equipment necessary for customers and offer it at a low price.
1J-23 KENEK Electromagnetic Current meter, Propellatype Current meter,Wave Hight meter are exhibited.
1F-16 KURITA WATER INDUSTRIES We aim for the ultimate water circulation society by providing our solutions of water Supply, Reclamation, and Refining!
1F-22 Kyowakiden Industry We propose a novel system for oil contained waste water treatment using ozone micro-bubbles and submicron-fibers.
1B-13 Ligaric We can produce Ultra Fine Bubble in high efficiency stably. I display "Buvitt" where the effect is demonstrated in washing, the field of cleaning.
1N-23 Morishita Environment We will provides optimization of factory wastewater. Simple measurement of COD will be carried out at the exhibition hall. If you are interested in measuring, please bring wastewater sample (about 10 ml).
1U-22 MDI MDI suggest Waste Heat Recovery with various items. We have some water treatment items also. Please visit our booth.
1H-20 Murakami Corporation Water purification and deodorizing will be realized by Bub-Glass(our registered trademark), one of the formed glass. You can see Bub Glass made of edge of recycled pure glass.
1S-23 Nagase Techno-Engineering  
1B-13 Nakashima bussan We are going to show fine bubble generator which can apply for field of cleaning and field of environmental improvement for aquaculture.
1B-13 NANOX Ultra fine bubble enables sterilization, cleaning and water quality improvement. Our equipment efficiently produces Ultra fine bubble of 500 million / ml.
1F-19 Nihon jisui hanbai Running cost unnecessary, scaling countermeasure NO 1 water treatment equipment "Emile"
1N-25 SEKISUI AQUA SYSTEMS Bolt assembled type panel tank with wastewater treatment tank being on the ground to improve quality and maintainability
1P-19 SENSEZ We are developing, designing, and manufacturing pressure sensors and throw-in type water level gauge.
1P-22 Taiwan Press  
1L-22 Taki Engineering  
1D-22 TEIJIN FRONTIER Fibrous Media for water treatment, Functional Fibrous Filter Media, Dehydration aid, etc.
1N-20 Toyo Aquatech  
1F-25 Yachiyo Engineering Water Risk Lab of Yachiyo Engineering will explain water risks in your business and guide how to assess and manage
1B-13 YBM Ultra Fine Bubble Generator「FABI」Demonstration!
1L-19 YUASA MEMBRANE SYSTEMS We show Backwash Flat Membrane System to collect solid from liquid for valuable resources and volume reduction easily.
1B-13 Zec field Lightweight and energy-saving realized by development of high performance equipment based on original theory. It can be expected to be utilized in a wide range of fields.


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