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Related Exhibit Stands

Booth No. Exhibitor's name Exhibited products / services
2S-G18 Anhui Tianrun Chemicals / Clean Water High-new technology enterprise which specializes in producing and selling polyacrylamide.
2S-U21 Aquagiken We can reduce the cost of wastewater treatment.
2S-R18DIA AQUA SOLUTIONSA must-see for medical and nursing staff! Is mold generated in air conditioners a factor in allergic diseases? “Package Fresh” will solve this problem!
2S-G18DMW Energy Recovery Device “DeROs” by DMW is the environmental friendly, low operational noise, low pressure fluctuations, saves energy and the most efficient energy recovery device in its class of the seawater desalination industries. Received in 2016,
2S-A10ENVIRO-VISIONWe will exhibit a groundbreaking wastewater treatment system that uses micro-nano bubbles + ozone + activated carbon-containing special carrier that hardly generates excess sludge.
2S-M14FLUONICSNew innovations in plastic valves . Super-engineered plastic valves reinforce the weaknesses of plastics against temperature and durability.
2S-G10Fuki ManufacturingFine Bubble Coordinator Fuki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Effective in various fields such as environmental improvement and cost reduction.
2S-K21FUTAMURA CHEMICALThe activated carbon manufacturer, the activated carbon for water treatment, liquefied filter, and other unique products will be exhibited.
2S-Q21Global Aqua Innovation Center for Improving Living Standards and Water-sustainabilityHigh-performance material separation membranes using nanocarbon technology, which leads to construction of innovative water systems.
2S-F14Global Water Recycling and Reuse System Association, JAPAN
2S-P19GOHDA WARTER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGYRealized health maintenance of activated sludge. There are the following four features. ①Improve processing capacity and stabilize maintenance ② Reduce industrial waste by reducing excess sludge ③ Reduction of drug costs ④Inhibition of filamentous bacteria
2S-C14GRUNDFOS PUMPS"Grundfos supports “smart” and “saving energy” water treatment & utility system with advanced technology and high efficiency pumps "
2S-M11Hach Japan
2S-F16Hikari-techOzone Measuring Instrument using the Deep UltraViolet Light Emitting Diode HT7000
2S-F14HITACHI ZOSENWe will exhibit “Emergency Water Service” (rental service of RO desalination plants) which meets emergency or temporary water needs.
2S-F14HORIBA Advanced Techno"Providing various solutions for sustainable water quality control through HORIBA’s Global Activities and Contributions."
2S-K18ifm efectorFacility conditions can be monitored at water treatment facilities by installing vibration sensors on motors, pumps, centrifuges, etc.
2S-G18Japan Desalination AssociationSpecified Nonprofit Corporation Japan Desalination Association will introduce the activities of regular members of the organization, including the latest products and technologies.
2S-D11Japan Environmental Science Laboratory Eco-friendly wastewater treatment system utilizing oil-splitting bacterium
2S-G10Kagoshima UnivertisyGeneration, Identification, Characterization and Application of Ultrafine Bubbles in Water
2S-G09KATAYAMA NALCOAs a water treatment professional, we support customers to optimize treatment program for stable operation, water saving and energy saving.
2S-J21KENEKElectromagnetic Current meter, propeller type Current meter,Wave Hight meter are exhibited.
2S-C10Kyowakiden Industry"The new technology that can reduce the cost of industrial waste water include oil. (using micro-bubble, nano-fiber, and fiber-filtration)"
2S-G10Kyushu Renewable energy and environmental Industry Promotion association"An industry-academia-government network organization for promoting the environmental energy industry in Kyushu."
2S-G10LigaricGenerators for ultra fine bubble with various liquids and gases with high efficiency and stability. Examples for cleaning, washing and more.
2S-P14MDI"MDI conducts maintenance and consultation on energy saving equipment such as heat exchangers that use exhaust heat and recover heat. Please feel free to contact us about heat exchanger defect investigation / analysis, energy saving consultation / suggestions, heat exchanger maintenance / chemical cleaning, etc. "
2S-G10NAKASHIMA &Nakashima's FB-generator is used in aquaculture, wastewater treatment, etc. It can perform even in muddy water.
2S-G10NANOXExhibiting a high-efficiency UFB generator that is 10 times higher than our previous model and performs in every scene.
2S-K04National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyThe latest research topics related with water treatment and monitoring technology which is carrying out in AIST will be introduced.
2S-K14NIHON JISUI HANBAINo running cost, scale treatment device. Many companies use it for cooling towers and boilers.
2S-K19NIKKISO GIKENAs a pioneer of Deep UV LED Provider, We are going to show you our Water purification system in InterAqua2020. It's very honor for us to introduce our product to you. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth.
2S-S18OPTEXOPTEX proposes a remote water quality management solution that can be easily implemented using IoT.
2S-F10RYOENGAfter coagulating high water content wastewater, waste liquid, and sludge with an efficient coagulant, we use a high-pressure vacuum dehydrator to dehydrate it to a water content that is impossible with other companies' dehydrators, and propose to promote volume reduction and recycling.
2S-P18SamyangAs Samyang Corporation is the only ion exchange resin manufacturer in Korea, we successfully initiated localized production of Ion Exchange Resins from 1976. Samyang is leading the market with high quality and stable delivery in the various applications with the full product line-up.
2S-F18SEKISUI AQUA SYSTEMSBolt assembled type panel tank with wastewater treatment tank being on the ground to improve quality and maintainability
2S-M19SENSEZWe develop, design and manufact Water level sensor and presser sensor. We are dealing with made titanium, low battery drive, and etc.
2S-R18Shiga Water Environment Business Promotion ForumThe Shiga Water Environment Business Promotion Forum (Team Water Shiga) is a network organization which pursues industry-academia-government collaboration. We contribute to business development and problem-solving in the water environment field.
2S-C11TEIJIN FRONTIERWe propose a “unit-type wastewater treatment system” using a fiber carrier that can handle high loads and a “dehydration aid” that can reduce the moisture content of excess sludge.
2S-H21The Salt Industry Center of Japan Research Institute of Salt and Sea Water ScienceOur research interests include salt manufacturing, new analytical techniques, and the utilization of seawater resources. We undertake the analysis of salt and bittern for other organizations.
2S-Q19 TongXiang SmallBoss Special Plastic Products MBBR Bio Media for waste water treatment
2S-K10Toyo Aquatech
2S-M21TOYO CLOTHPorous membrane which was born from a creative composite technique.
2S-G16TOYOBO STC"By the power of ""Membrane"", Clean your Wastewater!! In the limited space, FILPLATE helps a trouble of wastewater treatment."
2S-M18UNITIKAWe offer high performance filters compounded with not only ACF which has superior adsorption speed and filtration but also various functional materials.
2S-R18WEF Institute of TechnologyProviding lower initial and running costs for waste water treatment of fluorine, arsenic, antimony, etc. Please check out the treatment agent developed by the new idea.
2S-F19Yachiyo Engineering "Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. (yec) has a wealth of experiences in civil consulting services for governmental institutions such as the ministries, local governments, and JICA. Utilizing the well-founded skills and knowledge, yec offers a wide range of services that respond the needs of private sector on their water and/or environmental challenges including water risk assessments at domestic and overseas sites, science-based water target setting, water source management, formulation of Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and TCFD compliance. "
2S-S21Yasuhara Eenvironment TechnologyDO-MAX Falls is an apparatus to dissolve oxygen into water high-efficiently with a completely new idea by using nature power. Consequently, it is made possible to consume much lower electric power, compare with the ordinary method.
2S-D18Y'S GLOBAL VISIONWorld's smallest class desalination devices that converts sea water into fresh water. Useful for the ship industry, civil engineering & the disaster prevention.
2S-E21YUASA MEMBRANE SYSTEMSWe would show "cross-flow type follow fiber module in MF field and demonstration machine. We would welcome and appreciate to hear your problem about "concentration" to us.


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