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Booth No. Exhibitor's name Exhibited products / services
5E-01 ABLE  
4A-21 Cybernet Systems  
5D-02 DAICEN MEMBRANE-SYSTEMS We will introduce a tubular RO / NF membrane module that can reduce the volume of wastewater and reduce the cost of industrial waste treatment.
5L-07 drico  
4D-27 Global Aqua Innovation Center for Improving Living Standards and Water-sustainability High-performance material separation membranes using nanocarbon technology, which create of a water recycling society and improve QOL.
5R-02 Gohda Water Treatment Technology  
5D-01 IR System A German UV sensors manufacturer, sglux GmbH, provides UV sensors for water purification.
5U-02 Kyowakiden Industry High-performance fiber filtration device F-CAP can remove 5 μm fine particles without using a flocculant. 
5G-01 NIHON JISUI HANBAI emiiR does not require any power other than water flow, is maintenance-free, has zero running cost, and is effective in preventing scale adhesion.
5W-02 NIIMI  
ONLINE Nippon Soda / Nisso Engineering / Takahashi Metal Industries  
5J-02 noyu The latest technology of the Israeli water-recycling system using the filter of 0.03μ.
5Q-02 OHARA CORPORATION high-performance RO membranes, biomass methane fermentation, biogas generator
4C-28 Tensho Electric Industries Tenrain-Scrum realizes high intensity with light weight and the industry highest cavity-ratio with durability, and this system is installed in the underground of parking lots, parks or grounds.
5W-03 Toyoaquatech  
5R-01 UNITIKA We offer high performance filters compounded with not only ACF which has superior adsorption speed and filtration but also various functional materials.
5L-01 Xylem Japan  
5J-01 Yasuhara Environment Technology Reduce the electric utility expense of 90% compare to a conventional method “aeration” !Contribute to Decarbonized society!


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