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関西発!水の技フェスタ Aqua KANSAI 2017

To Exhibit

The next show in Feb 14-16, 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight

You can reserve your booth allocation for the next show now!
Booth allocation is based on "first come, first served"; obviously better allocation bring you fine business leads.

Category of Exhibits

Material / Module /
Polymer separation membrane(RO, NF, UF, MF), Ceramic, membrane, Ion-exchanger membrane, MBR(Membrane bio reactor), Filtering medium, Adsorbent material, Microbial immobilization carrier, Water treatment chemicals, Piping components, Pump, Blower
Equipments /
Ultra pure water production system, Water purifying system, Seawater desalination system, Filtration system, MBR unit, Sludge treatment equipments, Adsorption equipment, Ozonizer/ ozone water generator, Ultraviolet sterilizer, Ultra microscopic bubble aeration equipment, Micro/ nano bubble generator, Electrolyzed water generator, Rainwater utilization system, Pipeline maintenance system, Measuring equipment
Plant (EPC, OM) Water purifying plant, Seawater desalination plant, Sewage/ effluent treatment plant, Sludge treatment plant, Industrial wastewater recycle plant, Energy friendly water recycling utilization technology (hydro power/sewage heat utilization/sludge utilization for bio gas, etc.)
Management services Operation & Management, Design-Build-Operate, Pipeline maintenance management, Water resource smart grid, Project-support solution (assessment/monitoring/protection software, etc.), Water treatment remote monitoring system, Comprehensive water and sewage charge system, Ultra pure water supply service, Groundwater utilization service
Disaster prevention /
Disaster countermeasure
Filtration system on disasters, Sanitation measure equipment, Emergency power source, Emergency water inundation measure technology, Distributed treatment system, Submerged radioactive material measure equipment


Plants & Engineering/Construction/Consultants/Trading Firms & Agencies/Equipment, Facility, System/Corporate Users/Public Agencies, Organizations and Municipalities

Exhibition fee

Commercial firms ¥345,600(tax included)
Public organizations, University labs & Overseas pavilion ¥172,800(tax included)

Booth specifications

1 booth: 9 square meters (W3m X D3m X H2.7m)
with panels to separate neighboring booths *The corner booths will not have walls to aisles.

*The above exhibition fee does not include the cost for installation & dismantling, decoration, booth cleaning & disposal, and the charges for electricity/water supply and drainage/telephone.

*Service order forms for items such as electricity, telephones, floor construction, rental equipment, etc. can be found in the Exhibitors' Manual to be provided in End of October 2016.

How to apply

It is on a "First come, First served" basis.

Please refer to the Floor Layout on our website and indicate the space number you require in the application form and send it to the Secretariat by Fax.
After your application is completed, the exhibitor name and the booth location will be placed on the website on the next day.

* Please note that applications will close when all space is allocated even before the deadline.

Cancellation policy

In principle, applications cannot be cancelled after the Application Form is submitted. Only when the Secretariat deems it unavoidable will cancellations be accepted, and in such cases the following penalties will be incurred based on the date written notice of cancellation is received.

Based on the date of cancellation Cancellation fee
Until September 29th, 2017 50% of the invoiced amount

On and after September 30th, 2017

100% of the invoiced amount


Deadline for application

September 29(Fri),2017

Exhibitor's Manual

Around early December

Deadline for exhibition fee payment

October 31(Tue),2017

Move in

February 12(Mon) & 13(Tue),2018


February 14(Wed)-16(Fri),2018


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