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InterAqua 2023, the 14th International Water Solution Exhibition, is a unique exhibition for water industry which will showcase a material, component, and apparatus which are indispensable in the process of water reuse, industrial cleaning, drainage, and recycle use for water and its energy saving and cost reduction.

Against the backdrop of the ever-growing global need for quantitative and qualitative solutions in the water industry, various key players from Japan and overseas will gather to open up a path to the next generation in water-related business.

The three-day exhibition will offer an opportunity for participants to sow seeds of innovation, seek out technological cooperation and engage in business alliances through consultations and networking.

This showcase is collocated with 14 related shows to expect high synergistic effect.

Please be part of this unique event in Japan.

Name InterAqua 2023 / the 14th International Water Solution Exhibition
Date & Time


February 1 (Wed.) – 3 (Fri.) 2023, 10AM-17PM
Tokyo Big Sight East Hall & Conference Tower

Organized by JTB Communication Design, Inc.
Supported by

Japan Water Works Association (JWWA)

Japan Water Research Center

Federation of Japan Water Industries, Inc.

Scale of Exhibition

70 exhibitors / 80 booths

Number of Visitors

Theme / Category of Exhibits


水処理・水利用の効率・改善 水資源・エネルギーの回収・利活用 水の高機能化 循環型水インフラシステム IoT 活用 水環境リスクとマネジメント 水ビジネス海外展開

Category of Exhibits

Material / Module /
Polymer separation membrane(RO, NF, UF, MF), Ceramic, membrane, Ion-exchanger membrane, MBR(Membrane bio reactor), Filtering medium, Adsorbent material, Microbial immobilization carrier, Water treatment chemicals, Piping components, Pump, Blower
Equipments /
Ultra pure water production system, Water purifying system, Seawater desalination system, Filtration system, MBR unit, Sludge treatment equipments, Adsorption equipment, Ozonizer/ ozone water generator, Ultraviolet sterilizer, Ultra microscopic bubble aeration equipment, Micro/ nano bubble generator, Electrolyzed water generator, Rainwater utilization system, Pipeline maintenance system, Measuring equipment, Exhaust heat recovery equipment, Wastewater recycling, Collection of valuable materials, Volume reduction system for sludge
Management System /
Operation & Management, Design-Build-Operate, Pipeline maintenance management, Water resource smart grid, Project-support solution (assessment/monitoring/protection software, etc.), Water treatment remote monitoring system, Comprehensive water and sewage charge system, Ultra pure water supply service, Groundwater utilization service, Smart metering system, LPWA networks, Data analysis services, Financial service
For water security,
ensironment or disaster
risk management
Filtration system on disasters, Sanitation measure equipment, Emergency power source, Emergency water inundation measure technology, Distributed treatment system, Submerged radioactive material measure equipment, Consultation services, green infrastructure


Corporate Users / Public Agencies Organizations and Municipalities Electronical Power / Energy Equipment, Facility, System

Private users of manufacturing Industries and facilities

Plants & Engineering / Construction / ConsultantsInformation & Communication Technology
Raw materials, Industrial materials, Water chemicals Trading Firms & AgenciesUniversity, Research

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

The Synergy between related fields through 13 concurrent events create new business chance and open innovation.


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