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Booth No. Exhibitor's name Exhibited products / services
2W-R22 Global Aqua Innovation Center for Improving Living Standards and Water-sustainability High-performance material separation membranes using nanocarbon technology, which leads to construction of innovative water systems.
2W-S22 Y’s Global Vision We have developed and manufactured a portable desalination machine. Our MYZ Series™ can purify sea water as well as contaminated water. It can even purify water that contains metal, chemicals or bacteria.
2W-S23 AISERU A energy-saving Seawater desalination equipment. With a removal capacity of 0.0001 μm, it produces safe fresh water from seawater.
2W-S24 Drico
2W-S25 Yasuhara Environment Technology Highly efficient oxygen dissolution is achieved by forcefully controlling water flow. It requires no electric power; and the water flow is driven by a separate underwater pump of low power consumption, resulting in overall low running cost.
2W-P26 GOHDA WARTER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY Possible to check the condition of activated sludge in 1 second, management method WEB software "MIZU Doctor"
2W-U25 Sui・Do Technology Research Association / GHI We are researching and developing “sewage purification system by soil”. Purification by soil has much higher disposal ability than the other biological system. The advantage is, not only decreasing water and sewage charges, but also less energy to maintain the devises, that it is quite easy to install them, because of a set of integrated devises which makes the maintenance efficient. This purification system can be used in commercial facilities, hospitals and schools, housing complex. Moreover, it brings the benefit to the area where tap water cannot be reached, or when natural disasters break water supply facilities.
Digital Exhibition BL Dynamics We export unique aeration equipment. The areas of application are energy saving and reinforcement in aeration. Oil-water separation is also supported. DAF function can be added to the existing tank quickly and easily. Looking for an engineering company to drive local promotion.
2W-U24 Act Environment
2W-V25 TEIJIN FRONTIER We display fibrous microbial carriers, high-performance filter medium and innovative short-cut fiber to contribute to sludge reduction and environmental load reduction during effluent treatment and dehydration. Please consult about your problem!


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