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〜 IoT時代における水循環のスマート社会実現へ 〜【新設】 IoTソリューションゾーン

InterAqua is pleased to announce that a new zone dedicated to IoT Solutions will be available this year.
In this digital age, IT technology is a necessary asset for the water industry. The new “IoT Solutions Zone” will feature exhibits specializing in IoT, including smart meters, smart sensing, communications technology, solutions using big data, etc.

The IoT Solutions Zone will be located next to ENEX / Smart Energy Japan / Energy Supply & Service Showcase, the exhibitions specializing in resources and energy infrastructure such as electricity and gases, providing the opportunity to find an all-around solution for the realization of an ideal smart society.

Categories of Expected Visitors

Waterworks / Sewerage Businesses, Plant Engineering, Design / Consultants, Trading Companies, Machinery / Equipment Makers, Manufacturers including Water Consumers, Universities / Research Institutes, Electricity / Gas Services, Aggregators, Energy Management Businesses

Categories of Prospective Exhibitors

HardwareSensors for water quality / Water quantity / Water levels, Smart meters, Power supplies for energy harvesting devices, etc.
Software / SystemsRemote monitoring / Control systems, Cloud / Big data / Analysis solutions, Security solutions, Cloud services, etc.
Communication SolutionsRadio communications modules / network technology (LPWA: SIGFOX, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Wi-Sun, etc.)

Related Seminars (*Tentative; Details will be available in late November)

  • CPS / IoT in waterworks related businesses
  • Wireless communications solutions in a smart water environment

Special Benefits

Exhibitors in the IoT Solutions Zone will be provided with the following benefits:

  • Promotion in the Organizer’s e-mail blasts
  • Promotion in the invitation for visitors
  • Promotion on the official website


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